All Videos & Images are solely copyrighted to Guy Joynson Video and all Guy Joynson affiliates unless agreed with a client beforehand.

In such cases, when the copyright is agreed beforehand, it is then jointly owned between Guy Joynson Video and the client.

There will be an additional fee for this copyright which will be factored in to any future invoices.

The Client may not assign or transfer this copyright anywhere else under any circumstances.

The video work (or images) produced may not be, in any way, significantly modified without prior consent.

No derivative works may be made from the video work or images without prior consent.

Guy Joynson Video hold the right to show any work produced for any use, promotional or otherwise. Unless the client has specified that this not to be the case beforehand.


Any and all commercial work for clients will be laid out in writing before any filming begins.

This will constitute several factors:

Any expenses will not be included in an overall quote for work. They will be added to the invoice as ‘Expenses’. Mostly these will be transport or food based but may also include further kit hire, etc.

A specific day rate is normally will be established with each client, as per their budget, which will cover an 8 hour day. Each hour over this up to 10 hours will be charged at £50 per hour. Anything over this will be charged at overtime of £100 per hour (on location).

Payment must be made within the 14 days specified on the invoice, from the date of invoice receipt.

Each shoot, where editing is involved, will include 16 hours of editing, an Instagram edit and 1 license for music within the shoot day rate. Any editing changes inside this timeframe will also be included.

Any further editing, including any changes, outside of this 16 hour timeframe will be charged at £50 per hour and further music licenses at £70 per song.

I will own the copyright to all footage for use as I wish, as is standard practice. This includes any promotional material, social media or web content (unless otherwise agreed). Any jointly owned copyright will have been agreed beforehand, with a specific cost, and be factored in onto the invoice for that work.

Print Store

Any prints produced by the print store will be produced to the highest quality. Please bear in mind that they are printed with a one inch border for ease of handling to avoid smudging. Please handle the prints with care.

However if there are any marks, blemishes or errors therein that the consumer is unhappy with, the prints may be either returned within 30 days for a full refund, or they can be exchanged for a new print under the same size and image parameters.

No prints come with framing of any kind.

If they are to be displayed in a public forum an artistic credit must be given and displayed also as shown below:

‘© Guy Joynson Video - web domain’

For private display this is not necessary.


Before publication of any video work or images, consent must be sought from Guy Joynson Video on your behalf. Any attempt to publicise work without permission will be subject to legal action.

Specific licenses for work can be granted from Guy Joynson Video for such purposes including in print and online at an additional cost.

This can either be as a single use license or as a license granted based on amount of usage and exposure.

Please get in contact for more information.


If for any reason, critical illness or otherwise, a shoot needs to be cancelled it will be in advance with 2 weeks notice or earlier.

If this is not possible, every length will be gone to to help source a replacement up to the highest standard.

Any forms of ‘deposit’ that have been pre-agreed with clients are non refundable. however any other financial transactions outside of that will be fully refunded.

This case is extremely rare, given that commercial work will only be invoiced for once the clients work is complete.